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Honors Geometry Homework for Unit 0

Date Assigned Unit & Day Aim Student Resources (Key)
Unit 0, Day 1 (0.01)
Aim: What do I need to know and be prepared for in Geometry?
0.01A Homework: Read and complete the KIPP NYC College Prep Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator Contract"
0.01B Homework: All About Me Form
0.01C Homework: Send Ms. Tate a text message (718-290-4837) from the phone that you will be using this year to call / text her, including:
          - your first and last name
          - the period that you have Ms. Tate

Calculator Contract

All About
Me Form

Unit 0, Day 2 (0.02)
Aim: Do we remember all of the algebra that we need for Geometry?
Homework: Finish the worksheet.

  Key to Student Resources:    W=Worksheet (PDF)         T=Tutorial         G=Game         V=Video         Q=Quiz         P=Powerpoint