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Algebra Two

Homework Assignments:
  • Click here to go to the Homework Archives (homework from previous years)
  • Click here for the Review Packet
  • Click here for the Reference Sheet that you will receive on the Regents Exam
Extra Credit:
  • Click here for the Questions of the Month.
  • Click here for the Test Correction form.
Online Version of your Book:
  • Click here
  • Choose High School Math and New York
  • Click on Algebra 2 2007 (with your book's same cover)
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on "Online Book"
  • Use the following Activation Code: 2540607-200
  • Set up a student account
Resources for each chapter in your book:
      (you must do the first three steps listed above in order to see the resources below)
Extra Resources:
  • Click here to go to Castle Learning - a great way to practice questions on topics you do not understand
    • Username: use your Student ID
    • Password: leave it blank the first time and then you will make one up once you sign in
  • Click here for videos of topics that will be covered this year.
  • Click here for lesson plans and practice questions for topics that will be covered this year.
  • Click here for a description of your course.
  • Click here for the lessons this year that fall into each standard